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The Hudson River-Black River Regulating District is a New York State public benefit corporation that protects public health and safety by regulating the flow of waters in two great neighboring watersheds in the Adirondack Region: the Upper Hudson River and the Black River.

Established by the New York State Legislature (Article 15 Title 21 of the Environmental Conservation Law), the Regulating District works year-round to reduce flooding caused by excess runoff and augment river flow when river flows are low.

Conklingville Dam on Great Sacandaga Lake

Stillwater Dam on Stillwater Reservoir


What is the Regulating District's mission?

What does the Hudson River-Black River Regulating District do?

Why did New York State form the Regulating District?

How did the Regulating District evolve?

How does the Regulating District operate the reservoirs?

How is the Regulating District funded?

Why is the Regulating District vital for New York State?

For information about the Hudson River Area Apportionment, please go to the
Hudson River Area Apportionment Page

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